We love mountains.

The Defy Gravity Idea

We are a bunch of like minded people who love to ride and explore mountains, trails always seeking for the perfect flow. Whether its on snow, asphalt, gravel or mud: As long its about movement and stretching the boundaries of your own skill, anything is possible.

How it started

A couple of years ago, we started out of our little design company LAB75 the first bike project R107BIKES as a platform for tailor made bikes for people who share our passion for quality and perfection. Meanwhile, we where exploring the whole business from a more generalist or manufacturer point of view and understood, even if cycling by itself is quite sustainable, most of the products are not.

What we do now

For example the manufacturing of bicycles and their components is not the healthiest of things one could work on in a factory, especially when it comes to carbon frames. Anyway, as we love to design good products and share them with you, we thought about how can we improve the market with a sustainable product which is still feasible. That sounds pretty unsexy, but for us, any playground is a colourful one, so to choose the right discipline is king and more important to create a great product for you.