Ride and Fly

You can feel our dedication to the facets of gravity and sports not only in our gear. Actually only you and the people who ride, fly, race and run as Team Defy Gravity or DFY.IO give the content for our brands core motivation. Because every day you breathe and live this idea makes us keep on working on this great ideas and products, they are there just because of you.

Johannes Habel

Johannes is one of our team riders, always on the hunt for beautiful trails accentuated by some nice races.

Bambi and the Truckdriver

Ladys Racing Team – 2 stylish and fast Girls – shredding DH-Races

Alexa Hüni

Alexa is the other half of the duo infernale, consisting of Claire and her. Strong power I feel.

Voth Brothers

The SV Ravensburg Racing Team with Janik and Laurin Voth.

Jumps, Whips, Wheelies and a mint riding style – no problem for this guys!

Daniel Anger

4x Racer in the German National Team! Fast Boy!

Till Jungmann

Till our sunshine – he pedals to the medals :-)

Claire Fiebig

Claire. Bright mind Enduro racing and a promising Crossfit athlete!

OnKee Chan

On Kee has been working for large functional and outdoor brands and is bringing her experience to DefyGravity as Mistress of Apparel Development and Production.

Marco Bahn

Founder of DFY and person behind, within and in front.

Sophie Ettl

Sophie is riding Downhill and in her spare time a software scientist. Nice mixture, though ;)